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Packaging options for beverages sold through retail outlets.                                        


Packaging for pharmaceutical powders & granules,ointments&creams,liquids,oral dissolve strips,prefilled syringes,tablets & capsules,transdermals and bulk drugs&API.

Medical Devices

Packaging for antimicrobials,cardiac devices,diagnostic devices,endoscopic devices,gloves,kits and trays,IV administration,IV solutions,labware,opthalmic products,]orthopedic devices,surgical packs & gowns,syringes and needles,tubing and airways,urinary drainage,wound care.

Personal & Home Care Products

Consumer-oriented retail&sample packaging solutions for manufacturers of bath&shower products,cosmetics,fragrances,hair & skin care products,toiletries,cleaning products&wipes.

Other Service

Professional services for packaging design,materials and packaging testing and recycling services.

Factory Overview

Wenzhou Co-pack is a company that provide the activities of R&D, production and trading of various flexible packaging printing, laminating packaging products;

Specialized in providing flexible packaging for food, medicine, daily chemical, peslicide, clothing, industrial solutions, etc.

Wenzhou Co-pack is equipped with over 30 equipments such as, plate making machines, high-speed gravure printing machines, cutting machines, embossing machine, demetalizing machine bag making machines.


Excellent printing


printing machine



Advanced production equipments and excellent management team will provide you with fine print products!

Wenzhou Co-pack is equipped with eight-color, nine-color, ten-color automatic high-speed gravure machines and automatic inspection machine to ensure perfect printing.


High speed lamination

lamination machine

Lamination process is the soul of plastic flexible packaging, since it take the advantages of both material features. As the key process of flexible packaging, the quality of lamination directly relate to the product input and acceptability. It’s a complex process and requires high skill.

Wenzhou Co-pack is equipped with multifunctional high speed laminate machines, such as dry laminate machine, dry wet laminate machine, and wet composite machines, aimed at building a good foundation for top standard flexible packaging production.


Solvent free laminate production line

solvent free lamination machineSolvent free adhesive combine several substrates by solvent free laminating machine, after aging treatment the substrate combine together firmly.

The advantage of this line is environmental, health, quality guaranteed, since it’s 100% solid content, solvent free.

Substrates: PE, PP, BOPP, PAPER, PT, PET, AL foil, etc.

Width: 800-2000mm

Thickness: 30-300um

Speed: 400m/min

Applications: food package, medicine package.

Alternative solutions available for different industry.


Inspection and cutting

flexible packaging cutting and inspectionMultifunctional automatic inspection system, Provides perfect guarantee for our product quality.

The cutting quality is important, since it will influence the acceptability of bag making and roll film quality in the next process.

Wenzhou Co-pack is equipped with high-precision high-speed cutting machine, ensuring the flatness and tightness of the final product.


The bag making process

bag making lineAdvanced production equipments and excellent management team will provide you with fine print products.


privavy palicy

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